I'm the king! I'm always the naked king! Wahahaha☆

Has not attended school since his 2nd year spring break. Adores his little sister and wild dreams (inspiration), he flits about as an elusive figure constantly gaining inspiration from a variety of things. The songs he creates are recognized by both himself and others as the music of a genius. Due to acting like a knight in front of his little sister, she is not aware of his true nature. He is the leader of the unit “Knights”. Kuro remarks that he has no idea how Leo is not considered an oddball, despite being in the same class as the others (except Natsume and Shu), and acting on his own volition.
According to Ruka Tsukinaga's dialogue in Ensemble Girls, Leo can drive a car.
leo tsukinaga i fucking love you you are so lovely and handsome and you are so talented i love you and your lovely amazing songs you are so creative and i will give you a pen if you need it i love you you are just so perfect dude you you you you are so fucking orange too dude you look like a cheeto sometimes like chester the the cheetah and i believe you when you say you were abducted by aliens i believe you. i do. lovely man. uchuu at me